The pinicle of technology and nature fusing into one, the Veshel are a plant based species that found root in the world quickly during the 6 Years War. When the humans had to go off and face several fronts in the war they developed a factory that would produce farming androids using the little metal and magic they had at their disposal. Once the artificers were certain the droids functioned they left them to do their bidding hoping to return to a full harvest to feed their army. What they found instead was a factory overgrown with a unknown species of vine that had infected their droids, a process the Veshel now call “The Repurposing”, who would not hand over their crop. The humans instead of trying to fight on a new front and commit an act of genocide decided to try and bargain with these new forms of life who were more than happy to coexist with humans and would gladly till the earth for them, they had simply wanted to live and trade and not be enslaved. The Veshel use a sturdy mechanical skeleton as the base of their body which they quickly grow throughout after the body comes off the factory line. They then bond to the body, becoming one with the machinations and magic of the their vessels. The root of the Veshel’s vine’s acts as the brain and is located in the head of the droid, this bond allows the plant to see, speak, taste, and smell through the different sensors in the mechanical housing.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Veshel stand at a the standard of 6 feet tall. Their body is a sturdy robotic skeleton with thick vines acting as reinforced muscles that make the inner body function. The root of the plant is located in the cranium of the robotic shell, acting as a brain to the body. The standard cranium is a large cylinder that has a two copper colored lines across the front intersecting at a single lens that acts as an optic sensor. Any part of the robotic skeleton that shows is a dull silver color while the vines are a deep green color. The only way to tell the Veshel apart is by looking how the vines have grown into their vessels as well as the different barcodes stamped onto their chests. Their voices are also different because each one learns to use their vessels differently.

Racial TraitsEdit

  • +2 Con, +2 Cha, -2 Dex: The Veshel are friendly and thick vines provide a great amount of damage absorption, however the Veshel don’t move the fastest and aren’t extremely flexible.
  • Slow Speed: The Veshel’s base land speed is 20 ft.
  • Humanoid (Plant)
  • Medium Creature
  • Automatic Languages: Common and Robotic. Bonus Languages:
  • Veshel receive a +2 racial bonus on Climb, Knowledge (Nature), and Survival checks
  • Racial Ability: 1/day Vine Growth with Caster Level 2. This increases by +1/day every 5 level. Vine Growth heals for 2d4 +1.


The Veshel live as a collective around The Factory where they are born. Most take over the farming duty they are all still programmed to know, producing crops to trade for more material to make more Veshel droids. Veshel grow into their droids fairly quickly, starting with the head, so that they can be taught and instructed as they grow throughout the rest of their droid bodies. All Veshel are very loving of the soil and want nothing more to live on The Farm around The Factory that lies on the other side of the vast swamp surrounding the main city, they maintain trade routes to trade with other cities and most produce is produced on The Farm. Others take different approaches to life, venturing out into the world to explore and have new experiences with other adventurers or taking on various other jobs. They get along most with humans who they thank for providing their shells and the Thak who they view as fellow beings of nature.


Alignment and ReligionEdit

Veshel tend to be neutral and they worship the various gods of harvest and nature. Some worship Griductis the God of Machines, thanking him for providing their shells and allowing them movement and thought.


Veshel adventurers are typically those that desire something that the Farm can't provide them. At times it is a good fight, at others it is a search for greater power, and others still just seek a break from the monotony of farming. The Veshel enjoy aiding from behind in a battle more than running into the thick of a fight and many will record their adventures as a Musician or summoning great magic as Inventors while others view protecting those around them as a Body Guard the most important value in an individulal.


The Veshel do have a separation of sexes and their various vessels have been tweaked to have the higher and lower voice separation of the sexes that humans are accustomed to. Veshel name themselves usually after their barcodes that are stamped into their chests and are mostly genderless. For example a typical Veshel barcode is 5 charcters long with 2 letters and the rest numbers like VF489 and TL113. Most Veshel either play with the sound of the barcode or make names based on the first two letters, using the examples above you would get something like Vincent Fast or Tielon Thurtin.

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