"As we walked along the valley path, some men started to talk of ghosts in the rocks. I told them to shut their trap unless they wanted to sleep on a boulder tonight. It was then that I was knocked out by what I could only describe as a fist of stones."

-General Malaven

Physical Description

The Thak are a race of living stone. When a Thak comes into existence, it is from the earth its' self that it is done. Thak are born with no knowledge other then how to breath and see. A Thak will not end up standing from where they were born for the upside of 20 years on their own, and even then it is a problem. The life span of a Thak is currently estimated to be anywhere between 500 to 700 years, but in some rare cases a Thak has grown to be over 900. Adulthood starts at age 100 for a Thak. Their skin appears as stone, but is only slightly more dense then human flesh. From their shoulders and backs there grow dense patches of skin that grow like stone which act as a second skin. This second skin is a type of crude leather armor, keeping blades from cutting deeper arteries and tissue. The average size of a Thak male is 6'9", but can be as tall as 7'2". They are known to be stoic and loyal to a fault. Thak don't have a real "family" and as such they take their close friends as a sudo family.

Racial Attributes

  • -2 to Wis, +2 Str, +2 Con
  • Humanoid (Thak)
  • Medium: As Medium creatures, Thak have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
  • Slow Start: Thak base land speed is 20ft.
  • Low Light-Vision 30ft.
  • +2 racial bonus on Handle Animal, Survival, and Knowledge(Nature)
  • Automatic Languages: Common and One Additional Language based on area that it is born.
  • 1/day Speak with Burrowing Animals or 1/day Stone Speak. This increases by one every 5th level.

Table: Thak Random Starting Age

Adulthood Simple Moderate Complex
100 Years +2d6x5 +2d6x7


Table:Thak Aging Effects

Middle Age Old Venerable Maximum Age
250 Years 480 Years 670 +4d10x10

Table: Thak Random Height and Weight

Gender Base Height Height Modifier Base Weight Weight Modifier
Male 6' 5" +1d6 200 lb. +(10x2d8)
Female 6' 2" +1d6 170 lb. +(10x2d8)



Alignment and Religion


Favored Class: Brute, Body Guard, Steam Blade

6 Years War

When the 6 Years War began it was proven that the Thak were more loyal to themselves then any other creature, with a few note worthy exceptions. A Thak was never captured in the 6 Years War, choosing a fight to the death instead of imprisonment. It is because of this mind set that the Thak became the enemies of all. No one would trust them with trades, peace treaties, or battle strategies. The Thak would go out into the field and win, or die trying. Their large size and natural strength caused the death of many Humans, Elantri, and Grissul alike. Most notably the Elf population suffered extreme population loss at the hands of the Thak. Elves, while being wise and nimble, could not match the Thak in brute strength or size. The Thak had the upper hand in nearly every battle that the Elves fought against, leading to the complete destruction of whatever unit was sent to fight against the Thak. It was quickly discovered that the Thak’s greatest weapon was their ability to hide on mountain ranges or valley paths and blend in perfectly, thus overwhelming their enemy with numbers and ensuring victory with the element of surprize. The Thak have always been more brawn then brain and while the intellect of a Thak has increased dramatically in the 600 years past the 6 Years War, they still have the most difficult time understanding more complex problems. As such it is unlikely, but not un-heard of, to run into a Steamblade Thak, or even more rarely a Creator Thak.

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