These bio-mechanical horrors drill into the spinal columns of their selected hosts and take over their movements. Shaped like mechanical centipedes with a grouping of hair thin metal wires protruding in front of their optical sensors and with each leg along their body as sharp as a hypodermic needle they are truly terrifying. The wires in front of the head penetrate the brain chord of their victim and each pair of needles drill into the individual vertebra. Removal often leads to death but a lucky victim may escape with only paralysis. They can take over the body of any creature with a spine and an operating central nervous system. They range from all sizes with the smallest being a few inches to as long as a subway car. The largest have the capacity to control creatures even of high intellect such as dragons. Once they bond to a host they slowly grow with it, and when the host dies they move on to a larger host. They breed asexually and lay a single egg every 3 months once they are about 4 feet long. They hatch as 2 inch creatures that usually attach to mice or birds. They can live anywhere.