Types of MagicEdit

There are 5 types of magic in the world. They are:

Transmutation - The study of how to alter the world around you with the materials at hand. Practisers of Transmutation Magic typically follow the idea that nothing is perminant and everything can change.

Necromancy - The study of how to alter life and affect the lives of those around you with just your words and your touch. Most practisers believe the art is more for celebrating life then dolling out death, however there are a notable number of sects that practice the study of death over life.

Channelling - The study of how to pull power from the other worlds, the study of drawing energy from a different plain. Channelling is pure energy taking a form. The followers of Channelling usually find comfort in library halls and large silent rooms as it allows them time and silence in which to practice their art.

Summoning - The practice of controlling others and drawing others to fight for you. The practisers of Summoning can be found in wide open areas where they may practice their art without the worry of summoning something too large for the location.

Healing - The art of stitching together skin and muscle, fixing bone and marrow. Doctors and care takers, those that follow the healing arts are usually taken up quickly for adventuring parties or military duty.