Selective Road

An Infiltrator gains the choice of 3 different roads when she becomes an Infiltrator. She keeps with this path all through her Infiltrator career.

  • Inconversable Path
  • Killing Path
  • Tech Path

Inconversable Path

By selecting the Inconversable Path, the Infiltrator has devoted their studies to making their foot falls quiet and lowering their body temperature to evade Thermal Scanning. It is for this reason, they are rarely spoken of. Ideology: Killing is the last resort because it leaves a trail.

Level 1: Echo Chamber

  • After studying a room for 1d20-(Infiltrator Level)* an Infiltrator can create an sound that cannot be heard for 1d3 rounds. Ex: The sound of foot steps would not be heard until 2 rounds after they have been made if a 2 is rolled on the 1d3. This effect may only be activated 2x/day for each Infiltrator Level.

Level 4: +4 to Stealth Checks.

Level 7: +1d4 to Non-Lethal Damage Rolls

Level 10: +1 To Dex

Level 13:

Level 16: Power Word Silence

Level 19: Cannot Be Detected by Thermal Detecting Devices for 1round/level Per Week.

-*If this total is lower then 1, then it is a 1.

Killing Path

By following the Killing Path, the Infiltrator has devoted their life to ending those of others. The creed this path follows is: If there is no one left to tell, who will know?

Level 1: Back Slash

  • Increase Back Stab bonus by one die. Ex: +2d3 for level 1, +3d4 for level 5, +4d6 for level 9, etc. This ability can only be activated once per day for each level of Infiltrator.

Level 4: +4 To Perception

Level 7: +2 to Grapple Checks

Level 10: +1 to Dex

Level 13:

Level 16: Jugular Attention

Level 19: A single kill per day can no longer be traced, no matter how much evidence is left behind.

Tech Path

Level 1: Intuitive Tinkering

  • The Tech Path allows the Infiltrator to gain an additional +1 to all Perception checks having to do with technology, along with the ability to gain instant access to any item that can be hacked that is 1 HD above her level once per day per Infiltrator level.

Level 4:+4 to Knowledge(Security) and Craft(Security)

Level 7:

Level 10:

Level 13:

Level 16:

Level 19:

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