Over Power: A Brute is able to tap into their inner power and push himself past his normal capacity. While in this state, a Brute gains +4 to Strength, +4 to Con, -4 to Spot & Search ,and -4 to Dex, and -4 to AC. Magic casting, operations, hacking, or any other actions requiring concentration is not possible. Lasts 2 Rounds/Brute Level.

A Brute gains half his Con Bonus in HP (Rounded down) for every level he has as a Brute. This HP does not function as Temporary HP and fades after the Brute comes out of Over Power, before rolling for the rest period.

After Over Powering, a Brute needs to rest for 1d4-1 rounds or keep the penalties given by Over Power until he can rest. The resting time increases by +1 until end of day. Ex: After Over Power is used 3 times in a day, the resting penalty is 1d4+2.