These creatures are a type of black mushroom that have a cap that can reach a circumference of 300 feet. They drift in they sky using large cell pockets of naturally produced hydrogen from the organic matter they decompose. As they drift they release spores that grow on any decaying organic material and usually start growing as small 1 foot mushrooms that can live for hundreds of years as long as they drift into a food source. They have a stem that is made up of 3 minor stems twisted together and ending in a point. When they detect a large scent of rotting meat, usually produced by rotting soldiers after a war or a large rotting corpse like a dragon or whale, they let out the hydrogen they store and unwind their three stems and land like giant tripods on the ground. From the three stems mycelial threads are rapidly produced as they entwine and break down dead flesh. When there is no rotting organic matter left they lose there mycelial threads and rise back into the air and repeat the cycle. They are called Omenshrooms because during the 6 Years War they would block out the sky because there would be so many of them. There are several large airborne creatures that feed on them.

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