Nivek's Blursuit was created by the great Infiltrator Nivek Rontumo. It is the only one known to exit, but it is often suspected that high ranked members of Infiltrator Guilds have one.

The appearance of Nivek's Blursuit is that of a robe made with crystiline fabric and has a belt across the waist. It has 3 slots for MSU's of Small size found on the belt. When activated, the Suit produces the following abilities depending on the MSU placed in the belt.

White: Heals the user for 3d8 every 2 Rounds for 16 Rounds.

Red: Produces a Cloak of Flame for 3 Rounds. This Cloak of Flame deals 5d8 Burn Damage on contact.

Blue: Gives the user a Perception Field for 10 Rounds. While Perception Field is active, the user gets +25 to Hide and Move Silently Checks.

Green: Creates up to 2 Body Doubles of the user for 4 Rounds. These Doubles have all of the same stats as the user, but with half the health. These doubles follow any order given by the user.

Black: Using blood not of the user's as a catalyst, Nivek's Blursuit alters the user's appearance and voice to that of the blood's original host for 100 rounds.