Heliojackals are medium sized canid like creatures that resemble wolves in general appearance, but are smaller, lighter, faster, have proportionately shorter legs, have more elongated torsos and shorter tails, they get there name from their glowing yellow eyes and fire ridged backs. Heliojackals group together in packs of about ten adults and various number of pups. When attacking or being agitated they can emit fire from along their spines and because their fur is fire retardant they do not catch themselves or other members of their pack on fire, this same property is why their pelts can fetch a lot of money when intact. Heliojackals live in the Desert where they seem unaffected by the heat and can survive with very little water, getting most of it from their prey. There are rumors of a single albino Heliojackal that is about three times the size of a normal Heliojackal and has a fire so hot that it burns as white as it’s fur.