This is the magical wooden orb that the elves used during the 6 Years War to seal themselves off from the world. The orb does not draw on a msu, instead it draws upon natural magics. Once per day, after concentrating for one round, the user, the orb, and any creatue and object fully within a 15 ft radius (preventing cutting of limbs or chunks out of walls) are taken to a pocket dimension. This pocket dimension can be maintained for up to 3 hours. Within the pocket, time functions differently. Each hour translates into 8 hours inside the pocket dimension (the full 3 hours equates to 24 hours). In addition to performing normal actions, a character may choose to sleep for any length of time (preventing 24 hours of boredom). Within the pocket dimension, normal bodily needs are not felt (hunger, thirst, tiredness, etc.). Upon exiting the pocket dimension, all creatures have the effects of a full night’s sleep, a large meal, and plenty of water. After exiting the pocket dimension, all creatures recieve a temporary +1 constitution bonus for each hour spent in the pocket dimension, for 2 hour sper hour spent in the pocket dimension (eg. a max of +3 for 6 hours if the full 3 hours are spent). Level 20, unique

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