"The Elves, in their moment of great weakness, became stronger then they have ever been before. They became the Elantri."

- Mark Delile

Physical Description

The Elantri race is what is left of the once proud Elves. They appear vastly different then their elvish ancestors; no longer wispy and thin, but thick and strong like a tree. Their skin has taken a rough texture and their hands are all that are left of any obvious elvish heritage, their fingers still long and thin. Their eyes have been stained with their own magic after being kept in a thick soup of incantations and shielding which protected them from the outside world for so long. This has resulted in an odd gift. While no longer able to see greatly in dim light like their ancestors, the Elantri can see the way that magic flows. This aids them as both Cybersmiths and Artificers.



Alignment and Religion:



6 Years War

When the 6 Years War began, elves took a great part in it, and a heavy toll. The entire elvish race fought hard, but at the 4th Year (Year of the Elf), with the development of the Kinetic Engine and the resulting Atmou Akro, their numbers dwindled down to the mere ten thousands. Seeking refuge from the world that was so rapidly changing, they resolved to stay the same. Using all the magics they could muster, from the smallest babe to the eldest mage, they sealed themselves away from the world for 200 years. When they emerged their numbers were plentiful, however the world had changed more then they had expected, and so had they. Their eyes, stained by magic, could see how magic flowed throughout the world. Where they were once agile and weak their magic changed them to best adapt to the world they had expected. Their skin more coarse, their height increasing, their features becoming more rough. They became slow and hearty, expecting a barbaric world instead of the world that was placed in front of them. The world had finally come to rest, peace was across the land. When there were wars, they were small. Where there was conflict, a resolution was put in place. They grew to adapt to these changes and even embracing them, choosing to keeping the changes that 200 years of solitude had given them as a reminder that a peaceful solution is always possible and that change should be welcomed, not fought against. However, their world was not the same world that these Elantri remembered. The great forests that spread across their land were now minimal, limited to only what they had preserved and small patches here and there across the land. They chose to keep the old while embracing the new. They built. The Elantri took new forging methods from Human and Grissul alike, crafting wondrous creatures. Artificers took great interest in these creatures, for the idea of creating animal constructs had never gone so far or had been as detailed as the Elantri made it. Where Artificers took great pride in their work, the Elantri added beauty and art to that work. Artificers gained much from the Elantri, keeping this finesse and fusing it with their works. To this day Artificers keep the original copy of all of their works in hope of adding just a bit more detail, beauty, or grace to their works.