Cyber Punk


"What do you mean 'impossible'?! I have never met a Cybersmith who has dared utter the word 'impossible'! You go out there right now and build something at least resembling something 'impossible' within the next 48 hours or don't come back or else we will need to give 'Stumpy' a new nickname, you understand?"

- Jason Marshall


Cybersmiths use technology to create. Wither it is a prosthetic limb, a laser sword, or a Blu-Ray player these technological genius’s pride themselves more on the fact that they created something that pushes the edge of technology then the quality of what they build. Slave to none, Cybersmiths are typically very free minded individuals. They have no teachers and desire to have none, instead relying upon their own understanding of reverse engineering to re-build anything they take apart. However, this doesn’t always end well and as a result it is only the best Cybersmiths that have deep pockets.

Requirement: Any Chaotic.

Class Specifications

Cybersmiths get to choose a something that they favor. Every 4th level after level 1 a Cybersmith gets to choose a new favored tech ,up to 3 total (For those of you counting, yes, you will have all your tech preferences by level 9). You may choose anything from the following trees:

Offence: Close (swords, daggers), Range (Guns, beams), Area (Pulse, Storm)

Defence: Personal (Buckler, Armor), Group (Bubble Shield, Throwing your armor onto another person), Area (Instant wall, Pitfall)

Security: Individual (Putting your own tech into a computer, installing key loggers), Hacking* (Breaking Passwords, Creating Viruses) , Area (EMP Blasts, Creating Servers)

Healing: Replacement (Prosthetic Body Parts), Upgrade (Healing and increasing capabilities of Technology), Mending (Creating Medical Equipment, Healing with Technology)