Cloud Slimes are unique slime creatures that are almost invisible to the naked eye. Unlike most slimes that are gelatinous or viscous, Cloud Slimes are thin and blanket like, creating clear living sheets that gather in clouds, feeding off the particles collected in the clouds that get stuck to their sticky surfaces. They also need the clouds rich humidity to survive. Cloud Slimes can very in size and seem to grow for as long as they are alive. They can manipulate their shape and can glide through the wind or can ball themselves up to stay still, suspended in a cloud using some unknown form of locomotion. Most of their behavior is unknown and they are very difficult to find and catch, most are discovered dead and rotting in piles on the ground after vicious thunderstorms, the largest of these “Rot of Stars” as they used to be called was a large mound that was 3 feet at it’s peek that must have made a very large blanket indeed. Rarely they can be found gliding through thick fog patches, where some have claimed to have felt a sensation of cold wet tongue brushing gently off their cheeks or hands.

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