These long pale brown wurms live in the gulch of canyons where pollution and poisonous gases collects. They raise large parts of their bodies into the mist so that they can feed off of the airborne toxins. They have 4 slits on each side of their head located behind their huge gaping toothless jaws where the gas is drawn in and filtered, like the gills of a fish. They lack eyes and find their way around using a form of echolocation; this is where they get their name. Young wurms live on the higher edges of the canyon walls into they are large enough to slither along the bottom of the canyon and simply raise their head to feed. They can grow up to 150 feet long and have a circumference of 30 feet. They are gentle creatures and do to their poisonous diet have toxic flesh and blood and secrete a slim poisonous film that covers all parts of their body.