An unknown artificer once traveled to all the old battlegrounds where some of the worst battles were fought during The Five Years War and decided to make 160 foot tall mechanical towers that slowly converted the natural materials around them into breathtaking memorials for those who died in the wars, these memorials resemble large floating jellyfish spun from glass. These large ethereal glass chandeliers float around their spawning towers and slowly drift away, covering the battlefield while emitting a soft glow illuminating the now blackened and abandoned fields. All of the Zoa Towers are now located at the bottom of deep spherical pits that they have created as they convert more and more material into more and more Zoa’s. The Zoa’s are kept aloft from unknown magics and clockworks which over time slowly decay and Chandelier Zoas drift to the ground and cease to move and glow, providing a more reflective surface for the new Zoas that are constantly emerging from the top of the towers at the rate of one every two hours.