These weird semi biotic spheres contain various plant life in an enclosed plastisteel casing. The plants seem to provide oxygen for the semi living metal. The Biopods have no known origin and are rare to find, most being isolated in the few places left with no sentient life. No one knows where they came from or how they appear in the places the very few have discovered them. They are 8 feet in diameter and have the appearance of metallic gray spheres with a strange network of glowing organic circuits that resembles the veins of a living organism crisscrossing all along the surface of the sphere. They each emit a low humming sound and there are no reported cases of one moving. The each lay rested on the ground, some half buried. When the outer plastisteel is cracked they bleed a blood like oil and lose all power, ceasing to emit the low humming sound and the faint glow. Once cracked one can find various plant life that cannot be found anywhere else, growing from a unique soil in the Biopod. Some speculate that the Biopods are the lost remnants of some long past experiment, others speculate that the curious orbs are not terrestrial in origin. Only five have ever been found.