This staff is a black rod 6 ft tall, and mounted on the top is a head that has been treated with secres chemicals to ensure it rots eternaly. Some say the head is that of Barthus, others say that Barthus used his own mother’s head, and still others whisper rumors of deeds much more terrible and vile. When equipped with a black msu (into the head’s mouth), the staff focus’ the user’s thoughts to raise and control the dead. Raising a corpse is a full-round action. These corpses are treated as zombies. Every hour, round of combat, concentration check, or upon raising a new zombie, the user must make a concentration check of 15 plus 5 per zombie beyond the first. Actively engaging in combat adds +10 to the check, as does casting a spell or engaging in a strenuous activity. If a check is failed, all zombies created by the staff fall lifeless. A corpse previously raised by the staff cannot be raised a second time. Level 18, believed to be unique

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