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When an Infiltrator finds an opponent unaware of her presence or unable to defend themselves, she may attack a vital spot on the opponents body for extra Damage.

Anytime an opponent is caught in a situation where a Dexterity bonus would be denied to the AC*, an Infiltrator may Back Stab their opponent. At first level the Infiltrator deals 1d3** damage, which increases by 1 die and one die level every 4 levels.

An Infiltrator may not deal non-lethal damage with a weapon that deals lethal damage. Any weapon that deals non-lethal damage may be used in conjunction with the Back Stab ability.

The Infiltrator must be able to see an opponent well enough to tell where a vital spot might be and be able to reach said vital spot.

-*It does not matter if the opponent has a Dexterity bonus or not.

-** This damage is increased if the Killing Path is taken as a path option.

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