This armor is an upgrade of a full suit of armor (eg. “You find a suit of steel plate Auto-Guard Armor” This armor senses incoming blows and moves the heavier plated arms to intercept blows. When equiped with a white msu, the wearer gains +2 to AC, and when the wearer is attacked, that player rolls 1d20 and if the wearer is casting a spell or other sustained action, the user must make a concentration check (15) to continue that action. If a 20 is rolled, the armor intercepts the blow perfectly, granting an additional +1 to AC and take half damage if the attack is sucessful. If a 1 is rolled, the armor moves the arm in an unnatural way, causing the wearer to be unable to use two weapons, takes penalties to skill checks, etc. for 1d4+1 turns. A sucessful treat injury attempt by any character reduces that time by half of the the total time (the 1d4+1). Level 10

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